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NameBirth DateDeath Date
Gagner, Anne Ruth 11/15/1933 4/6/2012
Gagner, Eugene Edward 6/28/1931 1/19/1994
Gagner, Jean-Henry Francois 9/20/1954 1/14/1992
Gaitan, Jose A. 12/31/1947 4/8/2002
Gambino, Mary L. 1/22/1906 8/12/1997
Gartlan, Peter Joseph 6/18/1925 3/4/1995
Germann, Albert Carl 4/13/1921 6/4/2009
Germann, Margaret Anne 7/23/1922 2/7/1982
Guilhamet, James Norman 1/7/1930 4/9/2012

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